For businesses that require leads to grow:

We develop a Conversion Website System for you, that generates client inquiries daily

Within only 14 days, you get up to 3 times more and better client inquiries so that you make more sales

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Fabian Büngers, Founder

Worked with:

Worked with:

Why is a standard website not enough anymore for your business?

Do you recognize one of the following situations?

If you receive inquiries through your website, they are not really serious. They sometimes don't respond, you receive random job applications, and spam.

You tried or are currently running online ads but the expected "big returns" are not showing. Also the number of client inquiries you receive fluctuates.

If you take an honest look at your website you feel that it does not 100% represent your business perfectly anymore. It's a bit outdated.

How does a Conversion Website System improve your daily life as business owner?

It turns website visitors into paying clients, resulting in more revenue for you to grow your business

It generates more serious inquiries of your dream clients, resulting in relationships where clients respect and trust you

It automizes and organizes all received inquiries automatically in your CRM - giving you time to work ON your business and not IN your business

It makes the websites of your competitors look like an old, dusty typewriter, resulting in more market share for you (and jealous looks!)

Why a Conversion Website System by Landing Pages io ?

Dear Business Owner,

My name is Fabian and I built more than 100 different websites that impress and attract existing and new clients.

More than 4 million dollars worth of ad traffic was sent through those websites, so I know 100% how to build a Conversion Website System that generates serious client inquiries.

I started building websites in 2014 in Canada as a hobby, turned that hobby into my profession, and founded Landing Pages io.

I want to free the web of poorly designed, outdated, and non-converting websites that frustrate visitors…

… and instead, want to build modern and converting website systems that impress and encourage visitors to send a serious inquiry so business owners make more sales.

I want to do this for you, too!

Apply now for your Free Consulting Session in which I or my colleague Johannes develop a concept for your new Conversion Website System that generates serious client inquiries continuously so you make more sales.

Fabian Buengers
Founder Landing Pages io

Standard website, landing page or Conversion Website System by Landing Pages io?

is comprehensive but not build to generate client inquiries.

generates inquiries but doesn't represent your business in the best way possible and doesn't build trust.

combines the best of both worlds: builds trust and generates client inquiries continuously.

'Do you have Case Studies showing your websites work?'

Lawbridge - Law Company | AED 200,000 Additional Revenue per Month | 16 Serious Leads per Day | 17% Conversion Rate

Owner Adilet needed leads to get new clients fast, as he wanted to grow his law company.

Generation of 16 serious leads per day for AED 38 per lead. 17% website conversion rate. Increase in sales volume by 8x (compared to situation without converting website and Google Ads campaign).

Ludwig & Co. - Corporate Finance | 10 Serious Inquiries Every Month at 0 Costs

Previous web presence was outdated, contents of the website were confusing. The owner, Dr. Thomas Ludwig, felt a huge mismatch between online presence and quality of services provided.

Complete transformation of online presence with a website generating 10 serious client inquiries every month at 0 costs out of which 2-3 on average are turned into multi million dollar deals. 

The Fit Food Kitchen - Meal Plans | 115 Inquiries per Month, 17.3% Conversion Rate

Spent AED 8,000/month on Google- & Facebook ads, with a website conversion rate of 5.6%.

Increased website conversion rate from 5.6% to 17.3%. Inquiries were way more serious about actually buying & had less questions, according to owner Noah. AED 40,000 in additional, monthly revenue. 

NorAlign - Physical Rehabilitation Clinic | >20 serious inquiries for AED 11,000 Medical Course in 2 month at 0 cost

Owner Warren was tight on time – he had only 2 month left to fill spots for a medical physiotherapy course.  

New landing page built in 9 days, more than 20 serious inquiries generated. 14.3% website conversion rate. 

HLC Rhinoplasty - Plastic Surgery | More Than 70 Inquiries in Less Than 3 Month, 21.3% Conversion Rate

Had website with too much text, consisting of non saying phrases and gap fillers. Unoptimized pictures and videos lead to 95% of visitors exiting the site after 7 seconds.

Shifted focus of site to selling services and motivating visitors to inquire. More than 70 inquiries generated in less than 3 month, with a website conversion rate of 21.3%. Increase in net revenue by 4x. 

A few Conversion Website Systems we built...

The Management of Landing Pages io

Fabian Buengers

Founder, Director

Johannes Kofler

Head of Business Development

Moritz Christmann

Head of Finance

You consider getting a Conversion Website System?

As we receive many inquiries, unfortunately, we cannot accept all of them. We only work with companies where we see the greatest potential for success. Here’s how it works:

01 Application

Fill in our application form to give us some information about your business

02 Potential Analysis

If your application looks promising, you have a quick voice call with us to find out if and how we can help you

03 Consulting Session

If you are a fit, we invite you to talk with Fabian or Johannes. They will analyze your current website and develop a concept for your potential new Conversion Website System

What happens after your Consulting Session?

Your time invest is only 90 minutes

Kick-Off Meeting

In your Kick-Off Meeting with Fabian, you discuss your target audience, USP, and offer. This serves as basis to start developing your Conversion Website System. 

Your time invest: 45 minutes

The Texts

In the following, our expert Copywriter composes the texts that hit your target audience in the heart. We only need your Feedback!

Your time invest: 15 minutes

The First Version

After that our designer creates the first website version based on your brand values, and our proven conversion structure. Once done, we present you the first version!

Your time invest: 15 minutes

Bringing it to Life

If your are happy, we transfer your new system to the domain of your choice. We do further optimizations and bring it to life!

Your time invest: 15 minutes

Where is Landing Pages io located?

Our main office is located in The One Tower, Barsha Heights, Dubai.

However, we have digitized our processes in such a way that we can handle all Website-related productions via phone calls and video conferences.

This way, we can create and manage our Conversion Website Systems for our local and international clients.